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Atlanta Labor Day Regional

[9/9/09] Many of our young players tackled the Atlanta 'Labor Day' Regional events over the weekend. All put their hard learned lessons to work and found great enjoyment & success in their bridge game!

Sat AM Junior Pairs
6.0 Tables / Based on 10 Tables

MPs A B C Names Score

Richard Jeng - Andrew Jeng, Johns Creek GA 68.35%

Saachi Hingorani - William Dang, Alpharetta GA 54.10%

Zandy Rizzo, Alpharetta GA; Sean Gannon, Atlanta GA 53.55%

Mili Raina, Alpharetta GA; Adam Kaplan, New Port Richey FL 52.95%
Jacob Wexel - Peter Wexel, Lilburn GA 52.45%

Sahil Raina - Alex Jan, Alpharetta GA 51.60%
Siddharth Duddikunta - Aditya Duddikunta, Alpharetta GA 50.40%

Sat AM Cardrook Pairs
4.0 Tables

MPs Rank Names Score
Hannah Kedzierski - Aidan Kedzierski, Marietta GA 61.11%
Tomer Brumberg, ; Richard Jan, Alpharetta GA 58.33%
Alec Zhan - Kunal Vohra, Alpharetta GA 57.17%
Hensen Hovath - Caleb Colburn, 57.17%

Youth NABC Results

[8/9/09] Atlanta Junior Bridge showed a strong force at the Washington DC Youth NABC with 41 young players taking home a shopping cart full of masterpoints!  District 6, the Youth NABC volunteers and ACBL staff did a fantastic job of making the kids feel comfortable and giving them an event they will remember for a long time.

Angie Green of Alpharetta was elected to receive the Sportsmanship Trophy and $1000 college scholarship donated by Phil Gordon.  This prestigious award is voted on by our young players to the person who best exhibits sportsmanship and ethics throughout the tournament.

Astronaut Greg Johnson came Saturday morning, gave a presentation to the players and answered questions about his experiences in outer space.

One of the highlights of the Youth NABC was a visit from Bill Gates on Saturday where he spoke with the kids, shook hands and even signed a few Youth4Bridge baseball caps.

We can’t possibly list all the winners, but here are our youngsters who placed in the overalls of each event:

Baron Barclay National Youth Open Pairs
3rd Sean Gannon, Atlanta GA and Adam Kaplan, New Port Richey FL
4th Zandy Rizzo and Murphy Green, Alpharetta GA
6th Richard Jeng and Andrew Jeng, Johns Creek GA

National Youth Swiss Teams

Flight A
1st Sean Gannon, Atlanta GA; Adam Kaplan, New Port Richey FL; Jesse Stern, Lutz FL; Jourdain Patchett, Sarasota FL; Adam Grossack, Newton MA; Andrew Dubay, Voorheesville NY
2nd Murphy Green - Zandy Rizzo, Alpharetta GA and Richard Jeng – Andrew Jeng, Johns Creek GA
4th Arjun Dhir-Angie Green-Hunter Smith-Mili Raina, Alpharettta GA
6th Ricoh Das, Alpharetta GA

Flight C
4/5th  Julie Abelsky, Atlanta GA
4/5th  Tage Kelkar, Norcross GA

Thursday Morning Youth Open Pairs
1st Place  Murphy Green and Zandy Rizzo, Alpharetta GA
3rd Place  Saachi Hingorani and Aashna Choudhary. Alpharetta GA
5th Place  Andrew Jeng and Richard Jeng, Johns Creek GA
6th Place  Amanda Pham, Marietta GA and Samuel Cai, Suwanee GA
6th in Flight C William Dang, Alpharetta GA

Thursday Morning Cardrook Pairs
3rd Place Jamal Strickland and Drake Jones, Atlanta GA

Thursday Afternoon Youth Swiss

Flight A
4th Place Peter Wexel and Jacob Wexel, Lilburn GA
5th place Ricoh Das, Alparentta GA

Flight C
5/7th  Amanda Pham, Marietta GA; Samuel Cai, Suwanee GA; Ruth Wexel and Mary Wexel, Lilburn GA
5/7th  Tage Kelkar, Norcross GA; Aashna Choudhary and Saachi Hingerani, Alpharetta GA

Thursday Afternoon Cardrook Pairs
3rd Place Erin Langford and Lauren Langford, Atlanta GA
4th Place Khari King and Christopher Brown, Atlanta GA

Friday Morning Cardrook Pairs
3rd Aidan Kedzierski and Hannah Kedzierski, Marietta GA
5th Chris Cannon, Atlanta GA

Friday Consolation Pairs
2nd Karan Vohra, Alpharetta GA and Surabhi Ghai, Wayne PA
4th Ruth Wexel and Mary Wexel, Lilburn GA

Friday Afternoon Cardrook Pairs
1st Jamal Strickland and Drake Jones, Atlanta Georgia
4th Julia Abelsky, Atlanta GA

Saturday Morning Cardrook Pairs
5th Hannah Kedzierski and Aidan Kedzierski, Marietta GA

AJB’s Masterpoint List

   3    23.62  Zandy Rizzo,  Alpharetta GA
   4    23.62  Murphy Green,  Alpharetta GA
   6    19.27  Sean Gannon,  Atlanta GA
   8    17.55  Richard Jeng,  Johns Creek GA
   9    17.55  Andrew Jeng,  Johns Creek GA
  22     9.33  Hunter Smith,  Alpharetta GA
  23     9.33  Mili Raina,  Alpharetta GA
  32     7.29  Ricoh Das,  Alpharetta GA
  34     7.27  Arjun Dhir,  Alpharetta GA
  35     7.27  Angie Green,  Alpharetta GA
  39     5.72  Jamal Strickland,  Atlanta GA
  40     5.72  Drake Jones,  Atlanta GA
  58     4.16  Tage Kelkar,  Norcross GA
  67     3.59  Aashna Choudhary,  Alpharetta GA (adding points from below 4.05)
  68     3.59  Saachi Hingorani,  Alpharetta GA (adding points from below 4.05)
  70     3.55  Aidan Kedzierski,  Marietta GA
  71     3.55  Hannah Kedzierski,  Marietta GA
  72     3.45  Peter Wexel,  Lilburn GA
  73     3.45  Jacob Wexel,  Lilburn GA
  74     3.31  Karan Vohra,  Alpharetta GA
  75     3.31  Surabhi Ghai,  Wayne PA
  77     3.15  Julia Abelsky,  Atlanta GA
  85     2.67  Mary Wexel,  Lilburn GA
  86     2.67  Ruth Wexel,  Lilburn GAVA
  88     2.63  Samuel Cai,  Suwanee GA
  90     2.63  Amanda Pham,  Marietta GA
  94     2.29  William Dang,  Alpharetta GA
  97     1.97  Charles Cannon,  Atlanta GA
 102     1.89  Maya Kelkar,  Norcross GA
 116     1.39  Lauren Langford,  Atlanta GA
 117     1.39  Erin Langford,  Atlanta GA
 124     1.27  Isaac Wexel,  Lilburn GA
 139     0.85  Christopher Brown,  Atlanta GA
 140     0.85  Khari King,  Atlanta GA
 153     0.46  Saachi Hingerani,     
 154     0.46  Aashna Choudhary,     
 158     0.36  Grace Kelley,  Atlanta GA
 160     0.35  Phoebe Wexel,  Lilburn GA    

Click here for the complete list

Bill Gates Visits Youth NABC

[8/7/09] As many of you know, Bill Gates stopped by the Youth NABC and we have a video of his comments on YouTube. Go to www.youthnabc.org and click on YouTube to hear his take on Youth Bridge.

AJB was on the cover of Saturday's daily bulletin: http://www.youthnabc.org/asset/file/2009/bulletin/Saturday.pdf.

Over the next several days I'll be sending more pictures, writing more stories and letting you all know about the great things that happened. So go read the bulletins on the Youth NABC site http://www.youthnabc.org/index.php?id=17 and then keep coming back to our AJB site for more stories, pictures and information.

Let me also take a moment to say 'thanks' to all our parents, teachers and officers of AJB who worked above and beyond the call of duty helping out at the event. Having a group of parents and volunteers that had experience in working with large groups of kids was invaluable to the success of the Youth NABC.

Thanks everyone

Patty Tucker
President AJB

ACBL Youth Advocate Elected

[8/5/09] Congratulations go out to Murphy Green who was elected by his peers as the ACBL's first Youth Advocate and to the AJB students who were chosen to represent District 7 in their first class of Youth Ambassadors: Zandy Rizzo, Andrew Jeng, Richard Jeng, Ricoh Das, Mili Raina, Murphy Green, Angie Green, Arjun Dhir, Monali Shah, Ashish Shah, Hunter Smith, Maya Kelkar and Amanda Pham.

Bridging the Generations Together

[7/16/09] The Roswell Duplicate Bridge Club, Roswell Adult Recreation Center and Atlanta Junior Bridge joined forces to present the first Multi-Generation Bridge Game Party on July 10, 2009. 41 tables of players talked, partied, ate and played bridge with each other. Ten of the tables were young players from the ages of six to fifteen.

At the lunch break we pulled out signs representing every decade between 1920 and 2000 to see if we could find a person in the room born in each decade. We got them all but one – 1980. Everyone present agreed to search out friends born in 1980 and teach them bridge before next years game!

A highlight was club owner Bill Mark’s presentation of a check for $1500.00 to AJB to help them continue their classes, camps and games for kids in the greater Atlanta area. Atlanta Junior Bridge presented a framed certificate to the club and center expressing their appreciation of the event.

4th of July Tournament Was a Blast for AJB


[7/11/09] AJB was out in force at the tournament this year as everyone worked at honing their skills for the Youth NABC in Washington DC.

Congratulations to North/South winners Hannah and Aidan Kedzierski and East/West winners Amanda Pham and Samuel Cai for their excellent performance in the July 3rd AJB game. Amanda and Samuel also finished first overall with an impressive 69.45% game.

Congratulations are also due to Andrew and Richard Jeng, Zandy Rizzo and Murphy Green who won two bracketed knock-out events at the tournament.

Our AJB Goes to Washington raffle was held on Sunday July 5th and the winner of the 32" Flat Screen HDTV and Nintendo Wii was Kevin Whittington. Congratulations Kevin! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this trip to DC possible for our young players. Due to your efforts over 40 Atlanta Junior Bridge players will compete in the Youth NABC.

New Location for Saturday Morning Games and Classes

[7/1/09] The Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Club is moving to the Peachtree Renaissance offices located at 6761 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 200, Atlanta Georgia 30360. The club can be reached off of Winters Chapel by turning right on Renaissance Boulevard just past the QT gas station, or you can take the access road which runs alongside Peachtree Industrial between Tilly Mill Road and Winters Chapel and turn right on Renaissance Blvd just past 'Beverage World'. Our classes are unchanged; 9:30 to 11:30 with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced instruction and a game the first Saturday of every month (unless there is a conflict with a tournament). Join us for our next class on July 11th and our next game on August 1st.

Greenville Regional

[6/25/09] Congratulations to Richard and Andrew Jeng on winning the 0-750 Gold Point Pairs at the Greenville Regional! Their 60.86% game in this two-session event gave them a clear win. Well done.


The LEAGUE National Awards and Recognition Breakfast

[6/9/09] Congratulations Richard and Andrew Jeng - Winners of the School Bridge League tournament! Richard and Andrew with their parents Wenwei and Sam spent the day in New York courtesy of School Bridge League. They arrived at the Pier Sixty at Chelsea Pier the morning of June 5th for the LEAGUE National Awards and Recognition Breakfast after which all the Youth were divided to 4 groups to know each other and brain storming about how to have a better world and how to bring service back to our community. This was followed by a lovely lunch with the whole event ending around 1:30 pm. Guest speakers at the lunch were Arne Duncan (U.S. Secretary of Education), Josh Lucas (Actor), and Jessica Yellin (CNN Correspondent). The family also had a chance to meet with Mr. Bill Hoogterp (The LEAGUE CEO & Commissioner) his wife Maria. Ms. Maria told Richard and Andrew that she was 'inspired to take up bridge too'. Richard and Andrew will be one of the pairs representing School Bridge League at the Youth NABC in Washington DC. Well done!

Atlanta Bridge Unit AJB Benefit Game

[6/7/09] The Atlanta Bridge Unit (ABU) of the American Bridge Association (ABA) held a covered dish Benefit Game on May 30, 2009. The purpose of the game was to support ABA members Bette Hardin, Queen Jackson and Allean Strickland, who are teaching in the ACBL's Atlanta Junior Bridge program. The proceeds from the game will be divided equally among their AJB students who are going to attend the Summer NABC in Washington, D.C.

The game was held at the Quality Living Senior Center. There were twenty-one tables in play. Three and one half tables consisted of Atlanta Junior Bridge players. Shirley Williams, President of the ABU; Evelyn Gilliard, Area Coordinator; Bette Hardin and Edith Knowlton, Game Directors; Evelyn Cook, Worth Christler and Emma Fountain, Logistic Coordinators; and the membership of the ABU were responsible for the successful event. The ABU thanks Patty Tucker for her visit and support.

Thank you Atlanta Bridge Unit for your support.

AJB Players Do Well at the Covington Sectional

[6/1/09] Congratulations to Zandy Rizzo and Murphy Green of Alpharetta and Richard Jeng and Andrew Jeng of Johns Creek for their great game at the Sunday Swiss Teams in Covington. They played in the open Swiss Teams and came in 5th in Flight B. Well done guys!


Jerry Helms Seminar 2009

[5/12/09] Nationally famous writer, teacher and player Jerry Helms returned to Atlanta donating his time for the second annual Atlanta Junior Bridge fundraiser. A rousing success, Jerry raised over $7,000 for AJB’s youth efforts. Our sincere thanks go to Penelope Smith, Gene Manion and Jackie Key of Charlotte for giving their energy and time in duplicating many, many sets of boards and organizing all of the seminar material. Gailyn Thornton, Dick & Jenny Cannon, Jackie Henry, Allison Spears, Julia Stewart, Betty Hall, Cathy Totis, Julie Gregory, Marty Nathan and Sam Marks handled the Atlanta end of the organizing effort with style and class. They have the gift of making a difficult and demanding job appear easy.

Grand National Teams

[5/4/09] Our Atlanta Junior Bridge students played well in the Grand National Teams last weekend in Morganton NC. Congratulations to the team of Zandy Rizzo, Murphy Green, Angie Green, Arjun Dhir, Andrew Jeng and Richard Jeng for placing third Saturday which qualified them for the flight C semifinals Sunday in the Grand National Teams. The Dhir team finished 3/4.

The team of Ricoh Das, Karan Vohra, William Dang and Jimmy Fordham placed fifth on Saturday. Coming from behind at the half, they barely missed qualifying. Another 3 VP's would have won them a place in the playoffs also.

Well done and congratulations to everyone. Not only did you play well, but your behavior, skill and demeanor was commented on throughout the tournament, earning good marks for young bridge players everywhere.

Zandy, Murphy, Angie, Arjun, Ricoh, Karan and William are all from Alpharetta and currently attend classes taught by Carolyn and Lee Eckert. Andrew and Richard are from Johns Creek and are taught by Marty Nathan at the ADBC and by Lola Sliom. Many of the players are graduates of AJB's Summer Camps taught by Nancy Watkins and Patty Tucker, all still attend summer camps on a regular basis. Jenni and Tom Carmichael have been working on precision with Zandy, Murphy, Andrew, Richard and Arjun at Alpharetta Bridge Club. Thank you to all of the teachers, assistants and subs that share a part in their success.

See also http://www2.morganton.com/content/2009/may/02/day-well-suited-bridge/.

Bridge Makes a Comeback

[3/24/09] Channel 13 news in Houston did a great segment about bridge that aired Friday, March 20th in Houston. The segment is currently up on the Channel 13 web site at the following link, if you'd like to view it.


2009 Georgia State Youth Team Championship — A Great Success and Great Fun

[3/5/09] Even before the tournament started ...the fun started. The new spring AJB t-shirts designed and created by Diana Hughes were a great success and the kids were delighted with the bright tie-dyed shirts. Thank you Diana for a terrific job! Thanks also to Richard Starr who also tie-dyed a considerable amount of the shirts to get ready for the tournament.

We also announced the winner of the contest to create a new design for the Washington Youth NABC tournament. Krishna Shah was the winner of a $50 gift card for her cool geometrical design which our AJB members voted on as their choice for the shirts.

As we got down to the 'real' business of Saturday, 13 tables of young players participated in the tournament held during the Roswell 'Almost Spring' Sectional . Four tables of youngsters played in the Card Rook game for beginning players and the remainder in the Georgia State Youth Team Championship. The results for our State Team Championship? A tie for 1st and 2nd place! After two rounds, the DHIR team was ahead of the GREEN team by 2 VP’s. Not to be outdone, the 3rd round found the GREEN team had flip-flopped the score and they were ahead by 2 VP’s. As the fourth round was completed and the final scores were submitted to the Director, Nancy Watkins, the captains of each team ‘did the math’ and even before the rest of us knew the answer, both the DHIR and the GREEN team were aware that a tie of 68 VP’s was the final score!

The final results:


Murphy Green - Ashish Shah - Hunter Smith, Alpharetta GA; Sean Gannon, Atlanta GA 68.00

Arjun Dhir - Zandy Rizzo, Alpharetta GA; Andrew Jeng - Richard Jeng, Johns Creek GA 68.00

Ricoh Das - Kenneth Yang - William Dang - Mili Raina, Alpharetta GA 43.00
Saachi Hingorani - Monali Shah - Audy Mulia, Alpharetta GA; Julia Abelsky, Dunwoody GA 41.00
Nikita Raina - Sahil Raina - Aditya Duddikunta - Umika Paul, Alpharetta GA 35.00

Siddharth Duddikunta - Angie Green - Brian Cai - Aashna Choudhary, Alpharetta GA 35.00



In the Card Rook game Jamal Strickland and Drake Jones of Atlanta had a huge 76% game to carry them to a win.  Finals here were:

Jamal Strickland - Drake Jones, Atlanta GA 76.04%
Sireesh Ramesh - Sidesh Desai, Alpharetta GA 57.29%
Anuj Das - Alec Zhan, Alpharetta GA 52.08%


Congratulations to everyone.  What a great time we had!

2008 Masterpoint Races

[2/4/09] Congratulations to several of our Atlanta Junior Bridge students on doing well in the Unit and District 2008 Masterpoint Races! The Mini-McKenney Masterpoint Race is for points won in any ACBL sanctioned event in the past year. The Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race considers only those points won in club games. Each player is ranked from the number of masterpoints they held when the year started.

Arjun Dhir (Alpharetta) led the way winning the Unit 114 5-to-20 Mini-McKenney Masterpoint Race (95.64) and the 5-to-20 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race (53.40). Arjun also placed in District 7 taking 2nd place in the Mini-McKenney and 5th in the Ace of Clubs Race.

Richard and Andrew Jeng (Johns Creek) finished tied for 2nd and 3rd in the Unit 114 Mini-McKenney (72.91) and 10th and 11th in the 5-to-20 Ace of Clubs (29.51). Richard and Andrew also finished tied for 7th and 8th in the District 7 5-to-20 Mini-McKenney.

In the 20-to-50 Mini-McKenney, Zandy Rizzo (Alpharetta), with 78.94 masterpoints, finished 5th in Unit 114 and 23rd in District 7.

Congratulations also go to Sean Gannon in the 50-to-100 Unit 114 Mini-McKenney. Sean finished 4th with 103.48 masterpoints.

On the national level we also had many students place in the top 50 in the Youth Masterpoint Race category:

20 Sean Gannon Atlanta GA 103.48
21 Arjun Dhir Alpharetta GA 96.54
24 Zandy Rizzo Alpharetta GA 78.94
26 Richard Jeng Johns Creek GA 72.91
27 Andrew Jeng Johns Creek GA 72.91
43 Murphy Green Alpharetta GA 38.32
50 Mili Raina Alpharetta GA 29.61

Well done to all! We’re proud of you.

For a full listing of the masterpoint races go to http://www.acbl.org/about/mpraces.html.

AJB Pot Luck Dinner

[1/25/09] What a great time we had at the pot luck dinner last Sunday! Thank you to everyone who came, brought a dish to share (and helped clean up!). Good food, wonderful conversation and lots of games. We had Hearts, Spades, Scrabble, Monopoly, Speed Scrabble ...and even a few hands of bridge. It was wonderful to meet the parents of so many of the AJB students, I hope to make this an annual event to give everyone a chance to meet their AJB friends and neighbors.

New Class Series in Norcross

[1/9/09] A new junior bridge class is beginning February 7, 2009 at the ADBC, Saturdays, 10:00-11:30 a.m.  All levels are welcome; new players will start at the beginner level and progress at their own speed.  The cost is free.

Tell your friends!

U.S. News: Learn To Play Bridge

[1/2/09] In a December 18 U.S. News and World Report article, columnist Mike Salmon touts bridge as a way to improve one's life.

Did you know that….


We need your help to continue. AJB has been funded solely by donations and grants from bridge players, bridge organizations and parents of students over the last three years. Over 70% of all funding we receive goes directly towards continuing our classes, camps and playing opportunities for our young players. Together we have created an organization to show young people the fascinating world of Bridge. Thank you for your support.

Georgia Youth Open Pairs State Championship 2008

[12/09/08] At the Georgia Youth Pairs State Championship this Saturday we had 19 tables of our Georgia youth testing their skills.  Richard and Andrew Jeng of Johns Creek came out on top, snagging the 1st -place trophy in a closely-run race against Murphy Green and Ashish Shah of Alpharetta who finished 2nd .   With one round to play, there was approximately a 3-matchpoint difference between the pairs.

Third place went to Zandy Rizzo and Arjun Dhir, with Ricoh Das and Sean Gannon finishing fourth.  Mili Raina and Kenneth Yang (5th) were followed by Surabhi Ghai and Hunter Smith (6th). 

In the Card Rookie pairs (the newcomer event) Sahil and Nikita Raina finished 1st , followed by Bob Wiley and Ally Wardlow in 2nd place.

Click here to see the session recap listings.

At one point in the Card Rookie game, the director was called to the table to clarify who was supposed to be dummy.  The auction had gone:

2 Pass1 NTPass


Sat AM GA Youth Prs Trophy
10.0 Tables









Richard Jeng - Andrew Jeng, Johns Creek GA






Murphy Green - Ashish Shah, Alpharetta GA






Arjun Dhir - Zandy Rizzo, Alpharetta GA






Sean Gannon, Atlanta GA; Ricoh Das, Alpharetta GA






Mili Raina - Kenneth Yang, Alpharetta GA






Surabhi Ghai, Chesterbrook PA; Hunter Smith, Alpharetta GA




Sat AM Card Rookie Pairs
9.0 Tables









Nikita Raina - Sahil Raina, Alpharetta GA






Bob Wiley - Ally Wardlow, Atlanta GA






Hansen Horvath - Caleb Colburn, Alpharetta GA






Isaac Wexel, Lilburn GA; Richard Jan, Alpharetta GA






William Washington - Immanuel Larry, Atlanta GA





Kroger Gift Cards

[09/25/08] When you purchase a Kroger gift card from Atlanta Junior Bridge, you get the full face value of the gift card.  Kroger will donate matching funds equal to 5% of all gift card sales to AJB.  Click here for details.

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