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Welcome Mary Jo!

[09/25/08] Please welcome Mary Jo Van Winkle to her new position as Secretary for Atlanta Junior Bridge. Though you have probably seen Mary Jo around as a teacher, helper and most recently as Registration Co-chair at the recent Youth NABC in Atlanta, Secretary is a new "hat" for her. Please help Mary Jo in any way possible as she takes on her new responsibilities.

New Beginner Class

[09/23/08] Atlanta Junior Bridge has a new beginner class starting October 11 in Norcross.  Click here for details.

Focus on Teaching

[09/16/08] Carolyn Eckert, the Secretary/Vice-President and one of the original founders of Atlanta Junior Bridge, has been instrumental in the development and organization of AJB since its creation in January 2006. The first two years of this fledgling organization were tough. Finding teachers, setting up procedures for classrooms, tracking volumes of forms and data, organizing games, making partnerships, and teaching are only a few of the responsibilities that Carolyn took on with enthusiasm, skill and talent. Carolyn’s first love is teaching and she has resigned as Secretary of AJB so that she can focus on teaching and devote more time to her students’ development. For parents and students, this won’t seem like such a big change. You will just see that you get to spend more time with Carolyn. For the teachers and fellow officers of Atlanta Junior Bridge her absence will be keenly felt. On a personal note I would like to say that it has been a privilege to work with Carolyn over the last few years and, even though I will see her at the games and other AJB events, I will miss our 6:00 a.m. phone calls and e-mails hashing out some new idea! Have Fun Carolyn!

Patty Tucker, President AJB

ACBL Rankings

[09/04/08] Where do Atlanta Junior Bridge players stand nationwide? We have six Atlanta Junior Bridge students in the top 50 Youth Masterpoint Race nationwide. Congratulations!

Atlanta Labor Day Regional 2008

[09/02/08] Atlanta Junior Bridge fielded 16 tables of youngsters at the Labor Day Regional Saturday morning. Congratulations to Arjun Dhir and Zandy Rizzo for a terrific performance winning the Open Pairs and to Sahil Raina and Nikita Raina as winners of the Newcomer Pairs. Click here for complete results.

Bridge experts David Berkowitz, Curtis Cheek, Larry Cohen, Jerry Helms, Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell took time from their busy schedules to come visit with the young players, discuss hands and hand out trophies. How lucky we bridge players are to have such fine players also be such nice people. Thank you.

As an added bonus: Congratulations go to Richard Jeng, Andrew Jeng, Zandy Rizzo and Arjun Dhir who won the Monday Afternoon 0-300 Swiss. Well Done!

T-Shirt Contest Opens Today!

[08/24/08] AJB wants to create a T-shirt especially for our players attending the Washington DC Youth NABC 2009 which will be held July 30th thru August 1st 2009.  We want to use a design created by one of our own AJB students.  A $50.00 gift card will be awarded to the winner of the contest.  Develop your design and mail it to AJB. Diana Hughes will scan your design and have our AJB webmaster display them on our website.  After all the designs are received, AJB students will vote on their favorite design and we will have the shirts created in time for the Youth NABC in Washington.  More details...

Youth NABC Results


AJB Players Score Well at Youth NABC

[07/09/08] Atlanta Junior Bridge kids did well in the Baron Barclay Open Pairs on Saturday. In a field of 68 pairs we had six pairs finish in the top twenty and twelve pairs finished in the top half of the field. Congratulations!

Rank Names Percent Masterpoint Awards
5 Zandy Rizzo, Arjun Dhir 71.01 2.52 Red, 2.67 Gold
11 Surabhi Ghai, Mili Raina 61.31 1.11 Red, 1.58 Gold
14 Richo Das, Ashish Shah 59.18 0.79 Red, 1.11 Gold
15 Richard Jeng, Andrew Jeng 58.50 0.92 Red, 1.32 Gold
16 Tabitha Clark, Priscilla Clark 56.42 1.76 G/R
19 Bill Panfel, Jake Panfel 55.73 0.67 Red, 1.05 Red
21 Liza Johnson, Lauren Pinion 54.51 1.26 Red
22 Kenneth Yang, Kevin Cooney 54.34 0.60 Red, 0.71 Red
24 William Dang, Brian Cai 53.47 0.55 Red
27 Alex Jan, Rob Mann 51.56 0.71 Red
29 Sean Gannon, Hunter Smith 50.18
31 Angie Green, Murphy Green 49.15 0.46 Red

Thanks to Wenwei Jeng for pulling these numbers together for us.

Youth NABC a Huge Success

[07/07/08] 207 young players from 22 states and three Canadian provinces attended the first Youth North American Bridge Championships. Our Atlanta players were terrific! I can't possibly list all of their successes without using up all the memory on my computer. The Daily Bulletins are posted on www.youthnabc.org. Thank you to all our parent and teacher volunteers, ya'll made everything 'work'. When we finalize all the information I'll post a more complete report but please go to the youth website, find all of our local winners and give them your congratulations. Thanks again for a great time.

Patty Tucker
AJB President and Youth NABC Chairman

Local Kids Shine in Bridge Championships

[07/07/08] The Atlanta Journal-Constitution website notes the Youth NABC local winners in a July 6 article.

Card Play Trumps Race at Youth Bridge Meet

[07/07/08] The Atlanta Journal-Constitution website published a July 4 article about the Youth NABC.

CBS Sunday Morning Bridge Segment Online

[05/29/08] The CBS bridge segment that aired last February, featuring students at Glennwood Academy, Pace Academy and the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Center, is now available online. See also the original news item below.

Caser Donations

[04/21/08] Dick and Louise Caser are two of the hardest-working and best-loved members of Western North Carolina Unit 171. When Dick was chosen as ACBL's 2008 Goodwill Member of the Year, they wanted to honor him themselves and have donated over $1500.00 to Atlanta Junior Bridge in their honor. AJB appreciates this donation, adds our congratulations on a well-deserved recognition for Dick and Louise and we promise to continue to teach our students not only the game of bridge, but the spirit.

Georgia Youth Team State Championship Brings Players Out in Force

[04/01/08] The Dhir Team (Arjun Dhir (12), Zandy Rizzo (13), Andrew Jeng (10), Richard Jeng (8)) won the team championship played in Chamblee on Saturday, March 29. Fourteen tables of competitors participated, with the Dhir team holding on to win in the last round. Arjun Dhir and Zandy Rizzo are Alpharetta residents and Andrew and Richard Jeng live in Johns Creek. All of the players on the winning team learned to play through classes and camps offered by Atlanta Junior Bridge. Zandy commented that the game was exciting and suspenseful all the way to the final round.

Close behind in second place was the Raina Team (Mili Raina, Sean Gannon, Murphy Green, Kevin Cooney).

The remaining finishers were: 3rd Duddikunta Team (Siddu Duddikunta, Monali Shah, Surabhi Ghai, Saachi Hingorani); 4th Green Team (Angie Green, Ashish Shah, Maya Kelkar, Ricoh Das, Kenneth Yang).

A Newcomer Team Game was held concurrently with the championship for newer, less experienced students. The winner of that event was the Vayner Team (Gilbert Vayner, Konrad Kraemer, Morgan Mattke, Mary Wexel).

The contest was open to all Georgia residents under the age of 19.

Andrew Jeng, Richard Jeng,
Arjun Dhir, Zandy Rizzo
All the winners
Gilbert Vayner, Konrad Kraemer, Morgan Mattke, Mary Wexel

Junior Bridge on YouTube

[03/27/08] The public television segment produced in December 2006 by WPBA-TV (channel 30) and featuring Atlanta Junior Bridge players is now available on www.youtube.com.

A Trumped-Up Education

[03/25/08] A recent chicagotribune.com editorial talks about junior bridge.

Youngsters Prove Interest in Bridge is Alive and Well!

[03/23/08] On Saturday, March 22, fourteen Atlanta Junior Bridge students participated in the area semifinals of the Non-Life Master Flight C Grand National Team Qualifier at Ruff n Sluff bridge club in Marietta GA by finishing in the top 50 % of a qualifying event at the local club level.

The team of Ricoh Das (age 11), Ashish Shah (age 12), Maya Kelkar (age 13), Sean Gannon (age15) and Hunter Smith (age 12) with 67 VP’s barely edged out the team of Arjun Dhir, Zandy Rizzo, Richard and Andrew Jeng by 1 VP!!

Going into the last round of the round robin event, both teams were tied with 57 VP’s. In one of the last round robin events, the two teams played against each other.

The other junior team to participate was Mili Raina, Murphy Green, Angie Green, Surabhi Ghai, and Kevin Cooney.

All fourteen participants are already making plans to compete in the NLM Flight C 2009 Grand National Team Qualifiers.

The Das team is now eligible for the District Finals in Morganton, N.C. May 3-4.


Atlanta Junior Bridge and Jerry Helms - A Perfect Match!

[03/05/08] Renowned bridge author, teacher, and player Jerry Helms conducted a fund-raising bridge seminar on February 26th to support Atlanta Junior Bridge’s youth efforts. Click here for details and photos.

A Whole New Deal

[02/27/08] Some of you may have seen the recent CBS News Sunday Morning segment with interviews of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett at the San Francisco Nationals and some footage of youngsters learning and playing bridge in Atlanta. If you are interested in the efforts underway to teach bridge to young people, please take a moment and read A Whole New Deal.

Phillip Alder Column Features Junior Bridge Play

[02/18/08] In his February 16 article, syndicated bridge columnist Phillip Alder features a deal played by AJB players Andrew and Richard Jeng at the recent Georgia Youth Open Pairs State Championship.

District 7 Funds Youth NABC Scholarships

[02/18/08] ACBL District 7 (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee) has voted to sponsor the Youth National Swiss Teams in July. They will award $1000 college scholarships to the winners of the Swiss teams. Thank you District 7!

CBS Sunday Morning Visits Atlanta Junior Bridge

[02/03/08] Mary Lou Teel, producer for the CBS Sunday Morning show was in Atlanta recently visiting with some of the AJB kids. Filming students at Glennwood Academy, Pace Academy and the players at the Saturday morning duplicate game held at the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Center; the segment based around the Bill Gates and Warren Buffett interviews in San Francisco was aired on February 17. Some of the hands played on Saturday morning were part of the School Bridge League Valentine's Tournament hands which will be played throughout the country.

[05/29/08] The segment is now available for viewing online.

Baron Barclay Funds Youth NABC Scholarships

[01/09/08] The National Open Pairs at the first Youth NABC in Atlanta this summer has a sponsor.

Baron Barclay Bridge Supply is providing $2000 in scholarship funds to the winners of the pairs event, which has been renamed the Baron Barclay National Youth Pairs. Each member of the winning pair will receive a $1000 scholarship.

Baron Barclay, a Louisville KY-based company, is well known to players who attend NABCs and read the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. Baron Barclay has been selling books and other bridge supplies at NABCs for decades in addition to advertising in the monthly magazine.

The Youth NABC is scheduled for July 3-6 in Atlanta in conjunction with the Atlanta July 4th Sectional. The two-session Baron Barclay National Youth Pairs is set for Saturday, July 5. A two-session National Swiss Teams will take place Sunday, July 6. There will be warmup games for Youth NABC participants July 3 and 4 during the sectional.

Youth NABC Chairman Patty Tucker applauded Jim Maier, owner of Baron Barclay, for sponsoring the event. "They have been staunch supporters of youth bridge efforts over the years," Tucker said. In addition to the scholarships, Tucker said, Baron Barclay is providing many of the registration gift items and table giveaways for the tournament. The tournament is open to players 19 and younger with fewer than 5000 masterpoints as of July 1. Early registration is encouraged. Visit www.youthnabc.org for more information.

Atlanta Junior Bridge By the Numbers


New York Times Features Junior Bridge Play

[12/29/07] Today's NYT bridge column, entitled Proof That It’s Never Too Early to Start Mastering the Art of the Transfer Bid, features a deal played by two of AJB's junior players, Drew and Alec Evans.  Also mentioned are Atlanta Junior Bridge and the upcoming Youth North American Bridge Championships.

End-of-Year Thank You

[12/24/07] The end of our second year is coming around and I just wanted to take a moment and say ‘Thanks’ to the unsung heroes of Atlanta Junior Bridge. It would be impossible to mention everyone that works with us, helping on a daily basis to pull things together but I would like to thank a few people who volunteer their time and talents throughout the year.

I couldn’t possibly list of all our teachers….please go to the ‘Teachers’ button to see all of them. Next time you see one at the club….say ‘thank you’ for all of their hard work.

Unit 114, DBAA, District 7, and our local clubs who have supported us and worked with us during the year….Thank You! Charity games held for us, allowing us to run free classes and games in your facility, helping us with paperwork…the list goes on and on.

And finally, our local players and the families of all of our students – the BEST membership base anywhere in the country – you have always been there for us, thank you.

With your help and support Atlanta Junior Bridge accomplished many things. We’re looking forward to 2008 and the Youth North American Bridge Championships!

Patty Tucker
AJB President

Georgia Youth State Championship Breaks All Records

[12/11/07] Brothers Andrew (10) and Richard (7) Jeng of Johns Creek won the Georgia Youth Open Pairs State Championship held in Roswell Georgia on Saturday, Dec. 8. The Wilson Creek Elementary students played against 12 tables of competitors in a close race, finishing with a 71.8% game. Andrew and Richard learned to play bridge in the summer of 2006 at a summer camp offered by Atlanta Junior Bridge held at the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Club in Norcross and have been attending classes, camps and games ever since.

Close behind in second place were Arjun Dhir and Murphy Green of Alpharetta Georgia.

The remaining finishers were: 3rd Mili Raina and Zandy Rizzo (Alpharetta); 4th Ricoh Das and Ashish Shah (Alpharetta); 5th Tabitha and Priscilla Clark (Buford) and 6th Titus and Boaz Clark (Buford).

A six-table Newcomer Game was held concurrently with the championship for newer, less experienced, students. The winners of that event were Amy Shan and Kal Thakore of Alpharetta.

2nd Alyssa and Jared; 3rd Nikita and Sahil Raina; and 4th Alexandria Lee and Christian Brown.

The contest was open to all Georgia residents under the age of 19.


Appreciation Award given to Carolyn Eckert

[12/10/07] Carolyn Eckert received an award at the State Championship tournament from Atlanta Junior Bridge for her hard work and dedication in supporting youth bridge efforts not only in Atlanta but nationwide. Carolyn, thank you for all that you do.

Small Hands, Hefty Skills

[12/07/07] The Marietta Daily Journal highlights AJB players.

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