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Daily Bulletin Features Youth NABC

[11/28/07] The lead article on page 1 of the November 25 Daily Bulletin from San Francisco tells about the upcoming Youth North American Bridge Championships.


[11/02/07] What is Sportsmanship?  Find out on our Learning page.

Congratulations to Marty Nathan

[10/21/07] Congratulations to AJB teacher Marty Nathan on the publication of his article Kids Can Play Bridge Too (and You Can Teach Them). The article was published by the American Bridge Teachers’ Association in the Summer 2007 ABTA Quarterly.

Best Wishes to Fred!

[10/19/07] Fred Bartlett of Lakemont Georgia, the director of the Highlands Duplicate Bridge Club, is retiring. While he will be sorely missed, his club wishes him all the best and extends their hopes for a happy and healthy retirement. The Highlands club has made a donation to Atlanta Junior Bridge in Fred's honor.

Youth NABC Information

[09/19/07] Information about the first-ever Youth North American Bridge Championships (to be held in Atlanta in July 2008) is now available on this website.  Just click the Youth NABC link on the navigation bar.

New Beginner Class

[09/12/07] We have a new open beginner class this fall at the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Center.  Details are posted on the Classes page.  Tell all your friends!

Atlanta Labor Day Regional Tournament

[09/01/07] Young players were out in force at the Atlanta Labor Day Regional, with a record 14 tables at the Atlanta Junior Bridge Youth game.  ACBL president Sharon Fairchild was on hand to announce winners, hand out trophies, and even play a hand or two!  Three early arrivals needed a fourth to fill in and asked Sharon if she would play.  She sat in to defend a 3 NT contract and, as her partner led, he announced I play upside-down.

The event was stratified 0-5 and over 5 masterpoints.  The winners in Flight A were:

1st Jacob Wexel and Peter Wexel
2nd Tage Kelkar and Maya Kelkar
3/4 Richard Jeng and Andrew Jeng
3/4 Bennett Kane and Mitchell Kirkpatrick
5th Arhun Dhir and Hunter Smith
6th Ricoh Das and Ashish Shah

The Flight B winners were:

1st Kevin Cooney and Austin Agerton
2nd Chelsea Woody and Mr. Nice Guy (fill in)
3/4 Titus Clark and Boaz Clark
3/4 Gilbert Vayner and William Jan
5th Jarrod Ahn and Joshua Seides
6th Tabitha Clark and Priscilla Clark

As the players scrambled for the hand records of the game one of the AJB volunteers heard one of the kids remark Hand Records! GREAT!  Now I can upload them to Bridge Base and we can.......  The rest was too technical for the adult to follow.

Click here to see the event recap sheet.

Sharpen Your Skills

[08/26/07] Want to sharpen your skills for the summer Youth Nationals?  Check out the Learning page!  We will have a different subject each week.  First week: Take-out Doubles.  Second week: Splinters.  Third week: How Good Is Your Hand?

Spruill Oaks Library bridge camp

End of Summer Update

[08/23/07] Summer is done, our students are back in school and we thought we’d let you know how things went this summer:

What a busy summer we had... but what FUN!!

Fall is shaping up to be almost as busy. We have 17 classes scheduled: four in Marietta, three in Alpharetta, four in Atlanta, three in Decatur and one each at bridge clubs in Alpharetta, Marietta and Norcross. Thanks to Ruff ’n Sluff and Alpharetta bridge clubs for helping us get classes scheduled this summer for the kids coming out of the camps.

We are anticipating a good turn-out at the Labor Day Regional game on Saturday. Beginning in September, AJB will have three ACBL-sanctioned games a month that students can play in: Alpharetta, Marietta and Norcross. We expect that it will take time to build attendance at all three games, but hope that having three venues will make it easier for our students to find a game that fits their schedules.

We petitioned the ACBL to create a Youth North American Bridge Championship. They approved the request and the first will be held in Atlanta in July 2008. (See our Youth NABC page for additional information.) The second annual Youth Open Pairs State Championship will be held in December 2007.

All in all we’ve had a busy seven months and are looking forward to the fall and our new ‘crop’ of students.

Congratulations to Our Own Sean Gannon

[08/23/07] ...for his second place finish in the National 199er Pairs in Nashville. Sean and his dad Rick have been playing together for several years and their hard work in building their partnership has finally paid off for them. Second by less than 1/2 of a percent...their 65%+ game would have been enough for a clear win on most days!

Well done! to Sean and his Dad...check out the write up on the front page and their pictures on page 14 of the Nashville Daily Bulletin.

First Youth North American Bridge Championships Scheduled for Next Summer

[07/26/07] Read all about it in the July 26 Daily Bulletin, starting at the top left of page 1.  The same article also highlights other Atlanta Junior Bridge achievements.

See our Youth NABC page for additional information.

July Tournament Results

[07/07/07] Atlanta Junior Bridge was delighted to see our players in the I/N games throughout the tournament. We had a wonderful turn-out for the July 7th pair game, fielding nine tablesseven in the ‘fast pairs’ and two in the newcomer pairs. Congratulations to all for making this a great tournament!

Fast Pairs Winners

1st Murphy Green and Zandy Rizzo
2nd Bennett Kane and Mitchell Kirkpatrick
3rd Andrew Jeng and Richard Jeng
4th Ricoh Das and Hunter Smith
5th Ruth Wexel and Chelsea Woody

Newcomer Pairs Winners

Bradley Harris and Kristin Harris
     Tied for 1st and 2nd with
Jake Wexel and Peter Wexel

Please check our Results page for complete results of the game.

School Bridge League Tournament Winners

[05/15/07] Atlanta-area players Emily Mikan and Anastasyia Patruscheva (L-R) are the winners of the School Bridge League Spring Tournament.

Minnesota High School Students Compete

[05/05/07] In the Spring Tournament sponsored by the School Bridge League, the same six hands were played in California, Ottawa Canada, St. Peterborough Canada, Toronto Canada, Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Virginia and of course here in Georgia.  For a report from one venue, see this Minnesota Bridge blog entry.

Online International Team Game

[04/29/07] Today a team of four students from AJB won the online team game at Bridge Base against Frizlar school in Germany with a score of 29 to 16.  This is the latest in a series of similar events (see the Game results page).

Sean Gannon bidding a 6  slam and his partner, Hunter Smith, playing it well, against the other team's bid of 4 NT making 5, resulted in +11 IMPs.

The other winning score of +14 IMPs came about when Angie Green and partner Lauren Pinion set a 4  contract netting +400. On the same hand, teammates Sean & Hunter bid 3 NT making 4 for +630.

The German instructor commented that our junior bridge players were quite improved.

Junior Bridge on TV

[01/18/07] Our December 2, 2006 youth state championship was filmed by WPBA-TV (channel 30), and footage appears in a segment on the This is Atlanta program.  The segment talks about junior bridge in general and Atlanta Junior Bridge in particular, but it is not about the tournament itself.

The segment can be viewed online.  Click here, then choose Bridge (published on 1/18/2007).

Reading, Writing - and BRIDGE!

[01/08/07] Atlanta Junior Bridge was blogged today at Minnesota Bridge.

Tournament Coverage

[12/07/06] Our December 2, 2006 State Championship was covered in an article on the North Fulton website.

Journal-Constitution Features State Championship and AJB

[11/28/06] The November 28, 2006 edition of the Atlanta paper featured an article about Atlanta Junior Bridge and the upcoming State Championship.

"Starting Young"

[11/19/06] ... is the name of an article about Atlanta Junior Bridge and the upcoming State Championship in the November 19, 2006 Daily Bulletin. The Bulletin is published daily during the North American Bridge Championships tournament held three times a year by the ACBL.

Statistically Speaking

[10/31/06] Click here to find the results of the latest research considering the benefits of children learning bridge.

Summer Fun with AJB

[08/07/06] See some photos from the eight Bridge Camps of 2006.

Young Hands On Deck

[07/21/06] In the July 21, 2006 Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there is an article on the front page of the Metro section about Westminster Schools' bridge program this summer.  On the second page of the article, there are three mentions of Atlanta Junior Bridge.

Atlanta Parent Magazine

[07/14/06] AJB was featured in a short article with a photo in the July 2006 issue of Atlanta Parent Magazine, page 22.

Bridge, Kids and Billionaires

[07/04/06] An opinion piece about bridge appeared on July 4, 2006 in the Life section of USA Today.

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